Content Creation – For Large Social Media Accounts 

Content Creation for Large Social Media Accounts 

Conent Creation

In this post, we’ll discuss how to generate passive income by making content for large social media accounts.

So, what will we be doing? Simply put, we’ll be contacting large Instagram pages (100,000 followers or more), and offering to create content for them on a weekly basis and charging them. This will also work for facebook accounts or any other large accounts but we will use Instagram for the sake of this article. 

  • Location: Anywhere! 🌎
  • Income Potential: Low – Medium
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Tasks: Design, content creation, sales, outsourcing, team building 

What Is It?

You can make or curate content for big accounts on instagram, facebook or other social media apps. 

Just choose your preferred niche – for example fitness – and contact the thousands of large fitness accounts. If you can create quality content you will land lots of clients and can set your own prices.

This is similar to freelancing. Offering content creation services can involve hard work for good rewards. 

Step 1: Creating Content

Depending on what type of profiles you’ll be contacting (your choice), either meme pages, motivational quote pages, luxury pages, they all need content to post to their audience. You’ll need an application to create content. The most obvious choice here is Photoshop. That is a paid option.

Free options include Canva (highly recommended), and SparkPost (also highly recommended). Use these if you don’t have the budget for Photoshop, which not many people do. And quite honestly, Canva and SparkPost also get the job done quite easily. 

This is the easiest step, just decide what platform you’ll be using to create the content and what kind of niche you want to create content for. 

Step 2: Contacting Accounts

In this step, you’re going to want to be targeting accounts with 100,000 followers or more. These accounts are probably monetized and making income so the owners are more likely to purchase your services than smaller accounts.

Usually big accounts will have a form of contact in their bio. Something along the lines of “DM (direct message) for inquiries, or email for inquiries”. If they don’t have that, usually if they’re a business account, there will be an email button under their bio. If they don’t have anything of the sort in their bio, simply just direct message them. You’ll usually receive a response if you craft a good message.

When contacting them, give them 2-3 pieces of content (depending on the type of page, if it’s a motivation page, maybe 3 posts with quotes on them or if it’s a meme page, create original memes, and send them 3 pictures) and ask them if they’d like to purchase weekly content. An example price point is 15 posts for $20 each week.

It’s recommended that you contact 25+ accounts daily until you build up replies and consistently repeat this process until you have a favourable number of clients.

The benefit of this hustle is you can find as many or as little clients as you can handle.

Step 3: Receiving Payment

Receiving payment is very simple. You can use Paypal or Venmo for the transactions. No website is necessary. 

Step 4: Outsourcing the Work (Optional)

This is highly recommended if you’re going to be dealing with multiple clients on a weekly basis. You can head to either Upwork or Fiverr for this step of the process.

You can hire someone to create the content for you at an inexpensive price, while still maintaining profits for doing no work at all (except for contacting the accounts, and delivering the content).

Again, this step is optional BUT, highly recommended if you’re going to be working with multiple clients. This will save you a bunch of time and energy, and you’ll still be profiting albeit the profits won’t be as much as if you were creating the content yourself. 

Step 5: Maintaining the Clients

In order to maintain clients, you’re going to want to provide them with high quality, original, content. 

Originality is a big thing for big pages. Make sure you provide them with it if you want to build a relationship with them and continue to profit from them. Specify this to your employee(s), if you plan on outsourcing the work. 

This is not a hustle for you if you can’t design high quality content. 

What Now?

Follow our step-by-step guide, and while you’re going through the process, refer back to this post through every step to make sure you’re performing the actions correctly. 

This is one of the simplest ways of creating passive income without breaking your bank in the process. 

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