SlideJoy – Make Money By Putting Ads In Phone

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Slidejoy is a mobile app that pays you money for putting ads on the lock screen of your phone.
It’s available for download in the Google Play Store for free and has over 1 million downloads.
While it’s a great way to make a few bucks by doing nothing, making a fortune is unlikely. The good thing is it’s 100% passive and you can start earning right now. Here’s everything you need to know: 

How Does Slidejoy Work? 

Whenever your phone is locked, the app automatically plays an ad on the lock screen, which you can choose to ignore, engage with, or skip for a different ad.
In the beginning, these ads will be random, but with time, Slidejoy’s algorithm will detect your preferences and show more personalized ads for your taste. 


You earn “karats” for watching ads and using Slidejoy. 1,000 carats is worth $1 in real cash value which you can withdrawal to PayPal.
You can also get bonuses for participating in offers or surveys through the app or through referrals.

How to Start Earning

Signing up for Slidejoy is as simple as downloading it. The process is very straightforward. You can start serving ads and earning immediately. 
There are two modes when signing up:

  • If you choose hero mode, all the money you receive for viewing ads will be donated to charities. 
  • If you choose normal mode, all the money you receive for viewing ads will go to your PayPal

Using The App When the lock screen is active on your phone, you will have a list of ads displayed on it. 
There are 3 types of actions you can take with the ads:

  • Ignore them by swiping right and unlocking your phone as you would normally 
  • Engage with them by swiping left after which you will be directed to the target of the ad. This can be a website, a YouTube video, some download site, etc. 
  • View other ads by swiping up

Pros of Using Slidejoy 

  • Passive – requires zero time and effort
  • You can choose what to do with the ad (skip, open, ignore)
  • Personalized ads 

Cons of Using Slidejoy

  • Low monthly earnings 
  • Consumes battery and data
  • There is ads on your lockscreen (obviously)


Does Slidejoy use mobile data? Yes, Slidejoy is active when you’re using both Wi-Fi and mobile data. But, in order to reduce the consumption of data, every ad is optimized. 

How does Slidejoy work with passcode screen? Slidejoy doesn’t affect your passcode in any way. Regardless if you’ve viewed or ignored the ad, you will still have to enter the passcode to unlock your phone. 

Can I use Slidejoy with other lockscreen apps?Yes, for the moment Slidejoy allows multiple locksreen apps to operate simultaneously.

Get StartedIf you want one of the easiest ways to make money with no effort, start earning now and download Slidejoy for free!

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Special on 8th April

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