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If you like writing about topics that interest you, you have a potential income stream that you can build in your spare time and eventually use to reap major financial rewards. Writing an SEO (search engine optimized) blog requires a bit of an initial time investment, but if you’re smart about your approach then you can win big. Let’s take a look at how to approach this potential income stream. 

  • Available in any country
  • Ability to earn money by writing about subjects you’re passionate about 
  • Work from anywhere with internet
  • Very low start-up costs 
  • Multiple ways to earn income (advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsors, courses, products etc)


  • Building a following and SEO takes lots of time and you likely won’t see results for at least a few months
  • Big learning curve thus many people quit before they see results
  • Lots of information out there can be overwhelming

What is it?

 SEO is the art and science of using carefully placed and selected keywords, plus other strategies, to raise a website’s placement in Google search results. Higher locations in search engine results translates into increased traffic to your site. 
When you have lots of traffic, you can monetize your website in many ways such as advertising with Google Adwords, affiliate marketing, selling a product or course and many other methods.
But first, you’ll need to create a blog that’s likely to get you ranked highly in Google and earn a high number of page views. 
In the early Wild West days of the internet, you could stuff your webpage with keyword-laden garbage and watch your site shoot up the ranks. Nowadays, Google’s algorithms are much more savvy, and so are actual users. You’ll need to combine search engine optimization with genuine quality content to achieve success. 

Who is it for? 

Anyone who likes to write (or is willing to outsource writing tasks), understands how to make engaging content, and has the basic ability to set up a blog. You’ll also need to be willing to research SEO requirements (or, again, hire someone who already knows them). 

How does it pay?

 A recent survey found that bloggers can typically earn between $200 and $2,500 a month by monetizing their blogs. Some big-name bloggers earn as much as $100,000 per month. 
The sky is the limit but obviously, how much traffic you generate and the quality of your blog is what matters. You’ll need to put in lots of initial work to get your blog going and build up your SEO, but the more consistently you upload quality content, the greater the chance your blog will have of obtaining success. 

How to Get Started

Step 1 – Pick A Niche

The key is to pick a niche or topic that you’re passionate about. Why? Because consistency is a major key to successful SEO. You’ll want to be posting to your blog on a regular basis. You simply won’t be able to do that without choosing a topic that interests you. Otherwise, maintaining your blog will become an absolute slog, and that’s not the point of passive income. 

In addition to creating quality content, you’ll need to develop an understanding of SEO best practices. That’s beyond the scope of this guide, but fortunately the internet is absolutely packed full of resources to help you. You can find SEO guides on other blogs, YouTube, Skillshare, and Google.

Step 2 – Get A Domain Dame

First off you need to buy a domain which start as low as $0.99. You can get cheap domain names with GoDaddy or you can also get cheap domain names with Bluehost. I recommend visiting both and seeing which is cheaper for your specific domain. 
You can also find many alternatives with a quick Google search.

Step 3 – Setup Web Hosting

Next, you’ll need a place to build your website. You can sign up with Wix which lets you make a great-looking website in an afternoon and it’s very easy.
However, Wordpress is a better option than Wix if you want more customization and more features. You can sign up for WordPress through Bluehost for under $10. The downside is WordPress takes a little more work to setup and is not as user friendly as companies like Wix so choose what is best for you. 

Step 4 – Start Blogging!

After you have your website setup you can start blogging! You can do keyword research by creating a free Google Adwords account. This is the same account you’ll eventually use to monetize your blog with ads, but hold off on that until you’ve built a bit more of a following. 
After you have some keywords you can start creating posts and content and working on getting traffic to your site. Michelle Schroeder, a blogger who makes over $100,000/month, has an amazing course that will teach you how to create content, get traffic to your blog, and how to start making money. I highly recommend her course.
Alternatively, there’s tons of free resources on Youtube, other blogs, ebooks and more. My tip is to make sure you learn from experts. If you learn from the best you’ll save time and start seeing results quicker.


 Today, blogging is still a lucrative opportunity for anyone who’s willing to put in the research, time, and passion to create a good site. It takes time to build, but that’s true with any passive income stream or business. Once things are rolling you can potentially generate passive income for years to come!

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