Teach English Online – Make Money with English Knowledge

Teach English Online

If you speak English you actually have a valuable skill that millions of people are trying to learn.
The best part is you don’t have to be bilingual either. There are many opportunities to teach online even if English is your only language.
Read on for 9 reputable companies you can start teaching with.

  • Location: Anywhere đźŚŽ
  • Income Potential: Low – Medium
  • Difficulty: Easy but has requirements

How Does Teaching English Online Work? 

Online teaching allows you to teach locally or internationally on a 1-to-1 basis. At most, you might have 6 students at a time. This format lets students learn more effectively compared to large classrooms.
And there are tons of companies that have access to students. You just need to sign up and get accepted to start teaching.
As long as you have a computer and internet connection you are all set on the technical side. It mostly relies on audio, video at the very minimum.

Where Can I Find Work Teaching English Online? 

There’s very nearly no limit to the number of platforms advertising work-from-home positions for online teachers. Some of them are for English only, while others cater to a wide range of subjects. 
Many of these platforms look great. But many of them are also scams, or pay insultingly low hourly wages. 
We’ve done the research and found 9 reputable platforms to help you get started. 

1. VIPKids 

  • Potential Earnings: $9-$11/half-hour lesson ($18-$22/hr) 
  • Eligible for a raise every 6 months  
  • Occasional bonuses

VIPKids connects English teachers with Chinese students from ages 6 to 12 for 1-on-1 lessons. 
All the lesson planning and parental communications are handled by the company, so it’s a very easy platform to work with. You need to commit to at least 6 months when you’re hired. 


  • Bachelor’s Degree (or higher)
  • Some prior teaching experience, specifically in the USA or Canada
  • Minimum 6 month contract

Pros of VIPkid 

  • Set your own schedule 
  • Pre-planned lessons 
  • Training available 
  • Occasional bonuses 
  • There is a huge VIPKid community with occasional events 

Cons of VIPkid 

  • Long application process 
  • Beijing Time make for inconvenient hours 
  • Irregular work 
  • The support system is often very slow 
  • All lessons are scheduled 2 weeks in advance 
  • $10 fine for missing a lesson (maximum 6 missed or cancelled lessons in 6 months) 

If you’re interested in teaching English online with VIPKid, you can register on their website!

2. Landi English 

  • Potential Earnings: $18-$25/hr 
  • Eligible for a raise every 6 months 
  • $200-$300 bonuses and incentives for good performance 

With Landi English, you’ll sometimes be teaching English to a few different students at the same time. That’s because the platform focuses on peer-to-peer learning. 
All of the lesson plans (which Landi English provides you with) are based on the Content and Language Integrated Learning model. 
The subject material isn’t very difficult, because you’ll be working with Chinese students from kindergarten to high school level. But it does mean you’ll need to be motivated enough to inspire your students. 


  • Bachelor’s Degree (or higher) in any field
  • A TEFL or CELTA certificate is strongly recommended, but not strictly required
  • Commit to minimum 12 hours a week

Pros of Landi English 

  • High booking ratio 
  • Potential for bonuses 
  • Pay raise eligibility every 6 months 
  • All of the lessons are pre-planned for you 
  • Great support system and Facebook community 

Cons of Landi English 

  • Long application/interview process 
  • Strict leave policy with small fines for being late or not showing up 
  • Once you commit to working certain hours, there’s no flexibility in changing those hours 
  • Based on China timezones

If you’re interested in teaching English online with Landi English, take a look at their jobs page! You can also apply via Indeed.com or LinkedIn. 

3. QKids 

  • Potential Earnings: $16-$20/hour

QKids is one of the most popular ESL platforms. U.S. and Canadian English teachers are connected with up to 6 Chinese students (aged 4-12) at a time. 
For that reason, QKids makes the experience as fun and interactive as possible. You’ll be using games, animated Teacher’s Assistant characters, and live video chat to work through the half-hour pre-planned lessons. 


  • Based in the U.S or Canada
  • Bachelor’s Degree (or higher) in any field, or currently enrolled
  • TEFL certificate holders are given preference
  • Some prior teaching experience
  • Commit to 12 lessons a week


  • Regular lessons 
  • Pre-planned lessons are provided 
  • Huge online toolbox 
  • Training and occasional tutor camps 


  • Long application process 
  • Early morning hours

If you’re interested in teaching English online with QKids, you can apply on their website today! 

4. Wyzant 

  • Potential Earnings: Set your own rates ($18-$43/hr recommended)

Wyzant is an exclusively U.S. platform for connecting students with online teachers and tutors. 
Because you’ll be helping them to better understand and solve any problems they’re having with their regular school curriculum, there’s no lesson planning required. 
You also get to choose your own hours, and if you’re up for doing any in-person tutoring, the Wyzant app will track your time to ensure payment. 


  • U.S. resident with a valid Social Security Number
  • Must be 18 or older
  • If you’re planning on doing any in-person tutoring, you’ll need your own transport


  • No degree or teaching certificate required to apply 
  • Set your own schedule
  • Set your own rates 
  • No lesson plans required  


  • Irregular work available 
  • High commission fees starting at 40%

If you’re interested in teaching English online with Wyzant, you can apply for free on their website!

5. Rosetta Stone 

  • Potential Earnings: Undisclosed, but most likely $15/hour

Rosetta Stone is a world-famous platform for learning new languages. 
If you take a look at their careers page, you’ll notice they have location-based work-from-home positions available for English, British English, and U.S. English. 
While the lessons can be challenging at times, you’ll receive solid support from an assigned supervisor. 


  • U.S. or U.K. based (depending on position) 
  • Bachelor’s Degree (TEFL certificate holders are also given preference) 
  • Some prior teaching experience
  • Minimum 10 hours a week


  • Provides course material 
  • Depending on your position, you might be given free, unlimited access to the language software 
  • Supportive management 
  • Easy application process 


  • Hours can be invasive 
  • Work can be irregular despite the minimum 10 hours/week requirement 

If you’re interested in teaching English online with Rosetta Stone, take a look at their careers page for available opportunities! 

6. TutorMe 

  • Potential Earnings: $16-$18/hr (paid by the minute) 

TutorMe is available to students around the world 24/7. However, you get to decide when and how often you work. Once you’re logged in as a tutor, TutorMe will start pairing you with students. 
All you’ll need to do is evaluate student needs on a 1-on-1 basis and help them solve any problem or questions they have. You can expect to work with students from K-12 as well as in college. 


  • Must be 18 or older
  • Bachelor’s Degree (or higher) in any field, or currently enrolled
  • Some prior teaching experience


  • Regular work (depending on your location) 
  • Get automatically paired with students 
  • Get paid weekly and by the minute 
  • No lesson planning required 
  • Good support system 
  • You can rate your experience with students, so no repeat pairings if you’ve had a bad experience 


  • Automatic pairings aren’t always ideal
  • If you’re able to help a student in less than 5 minutes, you won’t get paid for the lesson 
  • PayPal charges apply 

If you’re interested in teaching English online with TutorMe, you can apply online through their website! 

7. Tutorhub 

  • Potential Earnings: ÂŁ20-ÂŁ40/hr (paid by the minute)

Tutorhub is exclusively available to English tutors based in the U.K. 

What makes the platform special is that you can refer any other students you already have. You’ll also have full access to Tutorhub’s suite of tools and set your own rates. 


  • U.K. resident
  • Under/post-graduate degree preferred
  • Some prior teaching experience
  • DBS/CRB checked


  • Regular work 
  • Students approach you 
  • You get to set your own rates and get paid by the minute 
  • No lesson plans necessary 
  • Good support system 


  • 25% commission + PayPal charges (typically 3%) 
  • You need to be active in the Q&A Hub before you start getting any paid work 

If you’re interested in teaching English online with Tutorhub, you can apply on their website! 

8. Elevate K-12 

  • Potential Earnings: $12-$16/hour 

Elevate K-12 connects you with students in their classroom to provide supplementary lessons. There’s also the opportunity to teach more than just English if that interests you.

All of the lesson plans are provided for you, and you’ll have a chance to read through them beforehand. You get some choice of picking your own hours.


  • You must be a high school graduate with at least 1 year of college experience
  • Some prior teaching experience  

Some users online do suggest having a Bachelor’s Degree and/or a TEFL certificate. While this will help boost your chances of getting a position with Elevate K-12, it isn’t a strict requirement. 
It isn’t clear if there are any geolocation requirements too, but they do seem to favor U.S. and Canadian applicants. 


  • You have some freedom in choosing the hours you work 
  • All of the lessons are pre-planned for you 
  • Very low requirements 
  • Relatively easy application process 
  • There isn’t a minimum number of hours/lessons you have to work 


  • Relatively low pay 
  • Sometimes, you might not be able to schedule any lessons for a few days or weeks 
  • There’s no way to connect with or learn from other teachers 
  • There have been some complaints about the Academic Performance Managers 
  • Elevate K-12’s support system is sometimes very slow 

If you’re interested in teaching English online with Elevate K-12, apply online today!

9. Aim-for-A Tutoring 

  • Potential Earnings: Not specified, but Glassdoor puts the average at $10-$15/hr 
  • Aim-for-A asks you for your expectations when you apply, so you might earn in the region of $20/hr. 

Aim-for-A Tutoring helps online English tutors to connect with students from around the world. While most of them will be going through the K-12 system, you might get a chance to help college students prepare for their tests as well. 

All of the lessons will be 100% in English, and are held via Skype. 

  • Bachelor’s Degree (or higher) in English Language Arts
  • If you want to teach TEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), then you’ll need a certificate
  • Some prior teaching experience
  • You need to be able to work during hours that suit their students. For the most part, that means Australia, Europe, and America


  • You have some freedom in choosing the hours you work 
  • Relatively low requirements 
  • Relatively easy application process 
  • There isn’t a minimum number of hours/lessons you have to work 


  • No real transparency on what pay to expect, though Aim-for-A does ask what your salary requirements are 
  • It isn’t clear whether they provide the lesson plans or if you need to organize them yourself 
  • Sometimes, you might not be able to schedule any lessons for a few days or weeks 

If you’re interested in giving Aim-for-A Tutoring a shot click here for more info.


Can I Teach English Online Without a Degree? 

Having a degree does open more doors for you as an online English Teacher. So does a TEFL certificate. But there are some flexible options available. 

  • Degree preferred (but not required): Elevate K-12, QKids, TutorHub, and TutorMe. 
  • No degree or certificate required at all: Wyzant. 

How Can I Get My TEFL Certificate? 

TEFLonline.com offers Basic, Educator, Professional, and Master certificate options that are entirely online. 
Bear in mind that although the Basic and Educator packages are cheaper, you’ll need a Professional or Master certificate in order to get work.

If “Prior Experience” is One of the Requirements, Must it be in a Formal Classroom Teaching Environment? Most platforms aren’t very transparent on their specific requirements regarding where you gained your prior teaching experience. 
However, we’ve found that many of them accept verifiable experience as an in-person or online tutor, mentor, or coach in lieu of formal classroom experience. 

Do I Need to be Able to Speak a Second Language? 

No. All of the companies and platforms we’ve included in our list only require you to speak English at a native level. So you won’t need to learn another language. 

What are the Application and Interview Processes Like? 

For the most part, you’ll fill out an online application or send the company an email. Sometimes, you’ll need to include a short video of yourself as well. 
If selected, there’s almost always a video-conference interview. This usually requires you to demonstrate your abilities through a mock lesson. 
Next, you might be asked to partake in some training. If no training is required or available, you’ll be able to create your tutor’s profile and start scheduling lessons! 

Is Teaching English Online Safe? 

All of the companies we’ve featured are 100% reputable and safe to work for. 
If you’re especially worried about data security, it’s worth considering buying a second laptop. You can then use it for tutoring purposes only. 
Always make sure you have a good antivirus system installed as well. 

Do I Need to Create Lesson Plans Myself? 

In most cases, no. 
Elevate K-12, Landi English, QKids, Rosetta Stone, and VIPKids all provide tutors with worksheets and course material. TutorHub, TutorMe, and Wyzant use the students’ existing curriculum, so there’s no lesson planning required either. 
However, bear in mind that you may want (or even be required) to familiarize yourself with the pre-planned lessons. 

Are There Any Other Resources I Can Use?

 If you want or need to supplement the pre-planned lessons provided, these 5 resources are available at zero cost: 

  • IDROO Basic is a whiteboard you can use to illustrate lessons if the platform you’re working for doesn’t provide one 
  • Khan Academy has loads of free online courses you can use to plan your own lessons or supplement available course material 
  • Mometrix Academy has a library of resources for test preparation, which will come in handy when helping college students especially 
  • SmartTutor has a wide range free worksheets up for grabs 
  • TakeLessons is a great alternative to Khan Academy and SmartTutor if you need help preparing or supplementing lessons 

Get Started 

Teaching English online is a great opportunity that almost anyone can take advantage of. With the resources and companies we’ve packed into this guide for you, there’s no reason for you not to succeed!

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