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Today I will tell you that how to earn money for online by Freelance. After earning money from advertisement, this is the best way to earn money online.  A freelancer is one who earns money by offering his service to small or big companies for a few days.  To be a good freelancer it is very important to be strong in your field of work.

There are some things to do in Freelance Writing that are very important to correct –

– First choose whether you want to write a full-time or part-time article.
– Calculate the correct Fees for your work.
– Focus more on writing articles of the topic that          you have the best knowledge.
– Improve your Grammar and improve the way you write.
– In today’s day, many online websites exist for working Freelancer such as Fiverr, SeoClerks, TrueLancer, Freelancer.etc.

A good freelancer can earn from 100$ to 300$ in a month according to his skill.  Along with writing content for people, you can design Graphics, Website Design, SEO Optimization and more. – Advertisements On Your Vehicle

Looking to earn money without changing your day-to-day schedule? Carvertise lets you turn your vehicle into a passive income stream, all without changing your lifestyle or making any dramatic changes to your driving patterns. Today you will learn how to earn money for online from your vehicle

What is Carvertise?

Carvertise is a platform where brands can pay you to place advertisements on your vehicle. 
When you sign up, a professional will come wrap your car with ads and you must keep it on for a set amount of time. 
Once your car is professionally wrappedyou drive like you normally would except now your vehicle is producing passive income. If you don’t mind having ads on your vehicle, making money doesn’t get easier than this. 
If you sign up and are accepted for a campaign, Carvertise will send a rep to professionally wrap your car, then remove the wrap when the campaign is over. 

Who is this for?

Carvertise looks for people who drive at least 30 miles per day, have a clean driving record, own a 2008 model car or newer, and have the original factory finish paint job on their vehicle. If you match all of these qualifications, you can sign up now and start earning. 

How much can you make?

The standard payment rate is $100/month, though occasional promotional campaigns can pay as much as $200/month. Drivers can also volunteer to earn more by parking their cars in designated areas at certain times, earning a rate of $30/hour. 
While $100/month may not change your life, it’s a great way to pay for your gas and car maintenance bills without changing anything about your lifestyle. 


  • Doesn’t require additional time commitment or work on your end 
  • Free to sign up 
  • Carvertise will come to you to wrap your car 
  • Additional opportunities to earn through targeted parking


  • Occasional waiting periods between campaigns, during which you may not be earning 
  • Having an advertisement on your car isn’t always the sexiest look in the world 

How to start earning

If you want to get started with Carvertise, simply go to their site and enter your name, phone number, and email. You’ll be contacted by a representative and given a survey of your driving habits to make sure you’re a good fit. Then they’ll reach out about potential campaigns, and you can start earning cash for driving your car to the same places you always have. Therefore, you must have learned how to earn money for online by advertising on your vehicle.


There’s not many ways to earn passive income without lots of work up front. That’s why we love the idea of Carvertise . It may not lead to massive earnings, but it’s still a great way to put extra money in your pocket.

Uber Eats – Earn By Bringing People Food

Uber Eats hd image

Inerested In Delivering With Uber Eats? 

Today I will tell you that how to make money for online with Uber Eats. Uber Eats is a food delivery app where you can earn cash by bringing people food from local restaurants. 
It is a flexible way to earn extra money on your own schedule. Here’s what you need to know before delivering with Uber Eats: 

How does Uber Eats work?

If approved, you just open the Uber driver app, and you can start receiving delivery requests in your area. The delivery experience looks like this: 

  1. Sign up – Begin the sign-up process and make sure you meet all of the requirements (more details below)
  2. Get A Request Open the Uber Driver app and your phone will notify you when there is a request. Time to start making money!
  3. Pick Up Grab your car, or bike or scooter in some cities, and head to the restaurant. Pick up the order, high-five the chef, and head across the city. The app gives you optional turn by turn navigation so you never have to guess where you’re headed. 
  4. Drop Off Deliver the goods to a hungry customer.
  5. Payments You just made some money! With a quick tap, you can instantly transfer your money from that delivery directly into your bank account when you sign up for and register a debit card with Instant Pay. Terms apply.

Once you finish a delivery you can take the next request, or sign off for the day — it’s up to you how many deliveries you make. 


To become a delivery partner you must meet some requirements and complete the background check process. 
Depending on your city, you may be able to deliver food with your car, bike, or scooter. You must check which options are available in your area. Here are some of the minimum requirements: 
🚗 Vehicle Requirements:

  • You must be at least 19 years old
  • Have a 2-door or 4-door car made after 1998
  • A valid drivers license and vehicle insurance
  • At least 1 year of licensed driving experience 

🛵 Scooter Requirements:

  • You must be at least 19 years old
  • Any make or model 2-wheel scooter
  • Must have motor of 50cc or less that travels no faster than 30 mph

🚴🏻‍♀️ Bike Requirements:

  • Age requirements vary on location
  • Have a state-issued ID

How do you earn money?

As an Uber Eats delivery partner, you’ll earn money for each delivery. 
The money you earn gets paid out instantly when you sign up for and register a debit card with Instant Pay. Terms apply. 
Whenever you want to deliver simply open the app and start taking requests. You can deliver as much or as little as you like. 

Pros of Uber Eats

  • You can deliver day or night when it is convenient for you
  • Earn extra money when you need it
  • Drive anytime — it’s flexible and works with your schedule
  • In select cities a car is not required. You can use a scooter or bicycle instead

Cons of Uber Eats

  • Not available in every city/country
  • Not everyone will pass the minimum requirements
  • Possibility of waiting between deliveries if it’s not busy

How to sign up

Uber Eats is a convenient way to earn extra money on your own schedule. If you like this opportunity you can start the sign up process here.

Cloud Mining – Earn Cryptocurrencies

Earn Cryptocurrencies

Cloud mining is a way to mine and earn cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin without the need of your own hardware or technical knowledge. 
Companies like Hashflare already have mining rigs set up and running and sell this as a service.
These cloud mining services give anyone the opportunity to mine cryptocurrency with no prior knowledge or large up-front costs.

Cloud mining vs. crypto mining

With crypto mining, you own, operate and manage the mining equipment yourself. This requires expensive hardware, lots of electricity, and technical know-how.
With cloud mining, you can mine cryptocurrencies without owning any equipment. There are companies that own large mining facilities and sell plans to use their equipment.
One of the largest cloud mining services is Hashflare.

How do you make money?

Anyone can invest in cloud mining services but you should not blindly put money into it. You should research the cryptocurrency you will be mining just like you would research a company when buying stocks.
Most of your earnings depend on how much Bitcoin or your chosen cryptocurrency goes up in value. Thus you need an understanding of what you’re putting your money in.

How much can you make?

Your earnings depend on how much hash power you pay for and how much your cryptocurrency rises in value. Obviously, you’d want to research and mine a cryptocurrency that you think will be big in the future.
Many plans allow you to choose what’s called a hash rate, which determines how much speed and computing power you pay for.
The more hash power you have, the more of a coin you can mine and the more you’ll earn—but the more you’ll pay for your plan. 
Once you choose a rate and sign up, computers will mine all day and night for you, 24 hours a day. You can even track how much you’ve mined. 

Pros of cloud mining

  • Anyone can mine – no technical experience required
  • Completely automated, they mine for you 24 hours a day
  • Low investment compared to buying your own mining rig
  • Unique way to invest your money

Cons of cloud mining

  • You can only choose Bitcoin and a few popular altcoins
  • Still relatively expensive to buy lots of computing power 
  • Must pay to use their services (although it’s cheaper than buying all the hardware upfront)

How to get started

To get started sign up on Hashflare. They are one of the most popular and reputable companies in the field. Genesis Mining is another good option.

Make sure to do your research, and happy mining!

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